"Feeling your mortality again?"


        "This makes you afraid?"



        "I don't want to die alone."

        "Loneliness is a curious phenomenon."

        "How's that?"

        "We're all part of the same organism."

        "I know. It doesn't feel that way sometimes."

        "Why not?"

        "Because I'm different."


        "Well, I guess . . . I guess I feel that way."

        "And who makes you feel that way?"

        "I suppose I do. Yes, I choose to feel different."


        "Because being different makes me fear death, and that makes me feel alive."

        "What is death?"

        "A return to the thing that made me."

        "What is the thing that made you?"

        "Well, I've had some experiences . . . and I believe in . . . no. I don't know what made me. I think I came from a little of everything."

        "And so everything is your father and mother?"


        "And everything is death?"

        "Well . . . then it would be."

        "And so you are afraid of everything?"

        ". . . Yes."


        "Because I wish to remain differentiated."

        "Because it makes you feel alive?"


        "What, then, is living?"

        "I don't know. Well . . . I think maybe it's the process of becoming used to that fragility. Maybe the feeling is only transitory, and when I cease to be frightened of the fear itself, I will move past it."

        "What do you think lies past it?"

        "Death. But now that I think about it, there are a lot of things before that."

        "What will you do now?"

        "I'm going to get moving. Again."

by amberite, contact for use permission.