The Imaginaerie

In Words

The things here are already published, on their way to being published, or otherwise "out of the bag". I write a large number of things that I don't post publicly: I mean to shop them out to magazines and other such markets, and I don't like to endanger first rights. Follow my livejournal if you want more.

          The Revolution: A vignette.
          Dialogue: On mortality and differentiation.
          On Giving And Taking: (Adult) A pantoum selected for Best of Craigslist.
          The Blind Men & The Interphant: A humor piece.

In Pictures

I'm not really a visual artist -- just a writer who makes a little art sometimes. Here's my little art. Please ask permission before borrowing. If you like the Cthulhu sketch, buy the T-shirt!

Thumbnails show clips. Full images are under 100K.