These are all fanworks for Baldur's Gate 2, created by me (Tatterdemalion) unless otherwise noted. Feel free to re-host the files anywhere with credit.

Baldur's Gate 2 Soundsets

Why soundsets?

Well, half the fun is playing the game over and over again with new mods each time, and the problem with that is that you quickly run out of suitable, memorable, individualistic voices for your characters. And I enjoy, and have gotten great play out of, the soundsets others have created and shared. So it seems appropriate to show my gratitude by giving back.

It's especially hard to find voices that work for a wide range of characters, so that's my aim here. Unless otherwise noted there's no content above a PG-13, and I've left out lines that seemed like they might be offensive or unduly restrict the ability for a player to assign the soundset to a given character class or alignment. I also try to avoid having my voicesets complain at the player! If I wanted to be complained at, after all, I'd work retail, not play video games. ;-) There are recommended "types" in the descriptions but I've tried hard to make these as multipurpose as possible.

Nietzsche Soundset (F): I was playing around writing soundset scripts and suddenly realized that you can find a Nietzsche quote for almost anything. So I set to the task of making a soundset entirely out of them (with the exception of a couple of non-verbals!) Despite being sourced from an ornery philosopher, the "personality" of this soundset is bold but honorable, probably best suited to a neutral protagonist with a decent level of wits.

Quotes include:
(forest) "I am a forest, and a night of dark trees."
(action) "Never yield to remorse."
(wounded) "What does not destroy me, makes me stronger."
(battle cry) "We must face our destiny with courage."
(critical hit) "In every attack there is the sound of triumph."
(bored) "Against boredom even gods struggle in vain."

Plucky (F): More or less the polar opposite of the above, this young lady is playful, sweet and mischievous. She'd make a good rogue or bard, but is more or less suitable for any class. She enjoys puns and pranks, but nothing over-the-top ridiculous. Could be a halfling or gnome, but would work just as well for a human or half-elf.

Quotes include:
(tired) "Say, did someone cast blindness in our last fight, or do my eyes just keep closing? Let's rest."
(picked pocket) "Yours, mine... who needs all these categories, anyway?"
(inventory full) "Yo heave... oops! Could somebody get that?"
(hid in shadows) "How do you catch a unique rabbit? Unique up on it!"

Nietzsche Soundset (M): While working on my female Nietzsche soundset, which is more suited to a good-to-neutral PC, I realized I had enough quotes for two soundsets, including a darker one. There's a bit of overlap, but not much. This guy is here from the school of hard knocks, and he's here to learn you. Be sure to listen to the "group leader" track - I don't want to spoil but it's awesome for a Bhaalspawn protagonist and this is what inspired me to make this one. :-)

Quotes include:
(battle cry) "All truths are for me soaked in blood."
(battle cry) "Behold, I am a herald of the lightning."
(critical hit) "Thy journey is short; my poison is fatal."
(selected) "To live is to suffer."
(dying) "In heaven all the interesting people are missing."

Tall, Dark and Brooding (M): "Tall, Dark and Brooding" is a Baldur's Gate 2 voiceset for a male character of almost any class and alignment. Probably human, elven/half-elven, or possibly dwarven (despite the "Tall" in the name, it's by no means required). He'd make a good thief, warrior or ranger, but is suitable for any character with gravitas and a little pessimism. He's stoic, laconic, and driven. This is the first voice-set I recorded, so the quality isn't as good as the later ones, but I can still play it and not find it grating, so I'm keeping it up here.

Quotes include:
(battle cry) "Have a sharp steel piece of my mind."
(action) "We must continue or lose everything."
(daytime) "And after every midnight comes the dawn."
(forest) "Out here.... it's almost like being free."
(action) "Vengeance will be mine."
(action) "As long as we're still standing."

The Scholar (M): He could be of any race and any alignment; he's probably some spell-casting class, as he's always got his nose in a book. Though he's a tad effete, this protagonist enjoys urban and rural climes, has a sense of dignity, and a decent vocabulary.

Quotes include:
(action) "Eyes bright and hands steady."
(spell failure) "Even the best-laid plans sometimes fail."
(dungeon) "How much knowledge must lie here, buried behind the danger and the darkness?"
(tired) "If we don't get some rest, I can't possibly keep my edge."

I enjoy feedback: contact me at (tea.cosy.of.rassilon at gmail dot com) or PM Tatterdemalion on the major mod forums.